Box hit top of the head & Chiropractic

Leonardo who works at storage experiences trauma to his head. A 50 lb box hits him right on top of head. He experienced sever headache at the base of the skull and low back pain. Outcall Chiropractor tries to adjust the neck with out any results. He tries another approach. He wraps a towel around the neck and pulls the head. Then the adjustments went very easy. Low back pain was due to hip being out of place. He put him in side posture and adjusted. Result was instant relief.

Why hypnosis works better with chiropractic adjustment.

One of my first clients was a heavy smoker that was told to quit smoking before her operation for throat cancer. She was an African American woman in her early 60’s. The smell of smoke was so heavy that I cut my usual hypnosis time to a few minutes and adjusted her at the end. After that I had many other African American referrals.  Our nervous system is an electric system. That is why you get electrical pain when you hit your funny bone against objects. Chiropractic resets the electrical circuits while hypnosis works on discarding the old habits in memory and setting new electric neural pathways.

Case Study: Low back pain with radiation to both hips

John who usually comes for hypnosis because of his family problems and regular chiropractic care said that he bent to put some toothpaste on his brush and he was stuck.  I asked him if he could put on his socks. He shook his head and said no. I worked on his muscles while he was laying down. I performed some gentle shakes on each vertebra and adjusted him on both sides of the low back. I told him stand up and walk. He gradually raised himself from bed. I asked him how he feels. He bent to left and right and rotated raised his legs and smiled. I knew his pain was gone. He went smiling to his girlfriend at the front desk.

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OutCall Chiropractic service case study

Yesterday I got a phone call from a tourist residing in one of the hotels in Hollywood. She had radiating pain to the hips and leg coming mainly from lumbar or low back. I rubbed her back with my special cream, did very minor light adjustments. Her pain reduced from 9 to no pain.